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MoontowerVFX is a boutique animation and visual effects studio located in Austin, Texas. We produce high-end animation, virtual reality (VR) and professional visual effects. Our projects range from collaborative projects with clients to turnkey concept-to-creation services that produce a unique and compelling visual experience. To learn more about us and how we can help you create your own exciting experience, feel free to reach out.


Founded in 2009 by Ray Pena and Greg Omelchuck, veterans of the video game and film industries, MoontowerVFX has established itself as one of the top visual effects, VR and animation companies in Texas. Whether we are developing cinemas for games or making an appealing corporate web campaign, the attention to detail and professionalism is apparent in every spot. Over the past two years, we’ve ventured into the realm of VR and have created numerous exciting experiences for clients around the world.


MoontowerVFX is widely known for its diverse portfolio of work of visual effects for film, commercials, video game cinemas and content, web campaigns, augmented reality, virtual reality and much more.

Meet the Moontower Team

Moontower VFX | Ray Pena

Ray Pena


Starting his career in video games in 1998, Ray knew his path would be in animation. He worked in film and television before settling back in Austin to create Moontower VFX with Greg. Nowadays running many miles, building his kids’ Halloween costumes and enjoying music and film with his family are his passion.
Moontower VFX | Greg Omelchuck

Greg Omelchuck


Greg began at an early age creating imaginary worlds with toy dinosaurs which continued into his career as an artist/animator for video games in the 1990s and later. In 2006 Greg partnered with Ray to create Moontower VFX to further expand and explore all arenas of media creation. Currently, Greg enjoys raising his two little girls and exploring the world through their eyes.
Moontower VFX | Adrienne Riggins

Adrienne Riggins

Office Manager

With a degree in Microbiology from The University of Texas, Adrienne spent years in the biotech industry as well as the Department of State Health Services. She enjoys working with the talented team at Moontower VFX and ensures that their work environment runs smoothly.
Moontower VFX | Laura Skowronski

Laura Skowronski

Animator / Producer

A professional animator since 2008 and anim/VFX producer since 2012, Laura loves expressive art, solid communication, and the power of a good collaborative team. Her passions in life include gourmet cooking, dining out, enjoying movies and music, networking, happy hour socializing, going for walks, and spending quality time with her husband, kitties, family, and friends.
Moontower VFX | Alan Cruz

Alan Cruz

VFX Artist / Generalist

Born in Coahuila, Mexico and living in the US since 2001, Alan got his first computer at age 13, discovered the 3d world, and has not stopped exploring since. He double-majored in graphic design and 3d animation at SAC, and has worked for Moontower VFX since 2015. He lives life day by day, enjoying simplicity, family, friendship, nature, and new experiences.
Moontower VFX | Timothy Allen

Timothy Allen

Art Director / Artist

From the boyhood dream of being a comic book artist, to film school, to a 10 year career behind a camera, telling stories through art has always been Tim’s focus. He spends his off-hours working on short films, watching movies, and maybe playing video games with his kids. Occasionally, you might also find him pretending in front of a camera.
Moontower VFX | Niall Farrell

Niall Farrell

Character Animator / Rigger

Niall hails originally from Kilkenny, Ireland and loves playing rock/folk and Irish music on his acoustic guitar. Music and visual art have always been a passion of his. An animation graduate of Austin Community College and Animation Mentor, he’s been a professional animator since 2010, and has been with Moontower for several years.
Moontower VFX | Clarke Godwin

Clarke Godwin

VFX Artist / XR Developer

Starting out in Hollywood working his VFX magic in the movies, Clarke then set his sights on game development. He found his perfect fit at Moontower. After discovering a love for programming, he splits his time between VFX and coding. Clarke enjoys gaming, spending time with the animals, and working around the house.

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