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MoontowerVFX is a boutique animation and visual effects studio located in Austin, Texas. We produce high-end animation, virtual reality (VR) and professional visual effects. Our projects range from collaborative projects with clients to turnkey concept-to-creation services that produce a unique and compelling visual experience. To learn more about us and how we can help you create your own exciting experience, feel free to reach out.

Founded in 2009 by Ray Pena and Greg Omelchuck, veterans of the video game and film industries, MoontowerVFX has established itself as one of the top visual effects, VR and animation companies in Texas. Whether we are developing cinemas for games or making an appealing corporate web campaign, the attention to detail and professionalism is apparent in every spot. Over the past two years, we’ve ventured into the realm of VR and have created numerous exciting experiences for clients around the world.

MoontowerVFX is widely known for its diverse portfolio of work of visual effects for film, commercials, video game cinemas and content, web campaigns, augmented reality, virtual reality and much more.

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